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Tehuacán Brillante is a Mexican artisanal sparkling mineral water that wanted to crossover into the American sparkling water market. 

Positioning their product in the fast-growing and brutally competitive segment was a challenge for a brand with a near zero brand profile in America.  


Our research showed young drinkers, while motivated by a desire for healthful beverage choices, were a generation that experienced a great deal of stress and anxiety in their daily lives. This contributed to their desire for clear, naturally sourced, and calorie-free beverages; yet there was more. They wanted to feel relaxed and renewed, as if they needed to reconnect with something missing in their lives.   



A Natural Chill is a campaign presents the beverage as a primal and elemental fusion of volcanic fire, glacial ice, mountain rock, and natural spring water from the heart of Mexico’s highest peak. The brand’s design language focuses on pre-Columbian identity (as in the brand’s name and the mountain its sourced from) and the unique tropical-to-alpine geography of the Mexican highlands. Explorers featured in the spots spread their arms to embrace the natural world in a “T,” an instinctual gesture for release and renewal.  


The brand made a  big impression on North American audiences.  

Brand Identity & Packaging


Campaign Films & Product Photography

Brand Success & In-Store Acceptance

The brand made a  big impression on North American audiences. Upon launch of new brand identity and campaign top Texan retailers and distributors embraced the brand with strong in-store presence and social media support. 

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