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Families in crisis have suffered enough without having to stomach aggressive lawyer ads. Garcia & Ochoa was ready to tell a new story.

Posturing and noise has never been a message worthy of professionals who bring closure to personal tragedy. 

We told a different story for Garcia & Ochoa Law Firm; the truth that centered on the transformational power of justice as inflection point for survivors. 

Our Turning Stories Around campaign tells the story of young attorney coming full circle. 

Campaign Film: A New Beginning

Life feels unreal in the wake of tragedy. Only closure helps time flow again.

Campaign Film: Tell Us Your Story

Revisiting a traumatic event is unnecessary to those living in the wake of a wrongful death. 

Campaign Film: Tell Us Your Story

Tragedy upends family roles, too. Touching on this nuance affirms this understanding.  

Campaign Film: Could You Imagine

The Firm stands by you throughout your journey from beginning to end.

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